The preLaunchTask terminated with exit code {1}

Friends, I need help. I ran into a problem when I installed vscode on my old laptop with Windows 7 x64. The fact is that when I run tasks, I get an error
The preLaunchTask 'task name' terminated with exit code {1}

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Installed node.js and npm
  2. Installed lix using the ‘npm install --global lix’ command
  3. Installed haxe with ‘lix install --gloabll haxe stable’
  4. I downloaded the hashlink virtual machine and registered it in PATH
  5. Installed vscode (user installer), haxe extension and debug extensions
  6. Download and open the project
  7. Through the command palette, launched the ‘lix: Initialize Project’
  8. Launched the ‘HL / JIT (debug)’ task
  9. The project was building, but debugging did not start and I received the error mentioned above.

Despite the fact that I can use haxe in the terminal after these steps, the problem disappears and everything starts to work only when I install haxe not with lix, but with use installer.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.