The collection of easy samples and hello-worlds for Haxe


first of all i am not the author of these [ examples ] i found the link when searching for HaxeUI lib.

note to the OWNER : thanks for the effort it is a good resource for new comers to Haxe.

also i will be emailing the linlk of this post to the owner to get him know , and if he’s already in the community here can take over this thread :slight_smile: .

happy learning.

15 minutes kick start with haxe:


I agree, this is probably the most “complete” set of examples ive seen surrounding haxe. Extremely impressive (and organized) work.

Wow, it’s very good! Should be pinned or promoted somehow.
I’ve published it in the Israely forum:

By the way, did you know you can bookmark a post in this forum?

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I put together a ~15 minute overview of Haxe here : Learn haxe in Y Minutes


i am searching [ Haxe targets ] related stuff , if anyone have tutorials related to them kindly share them too.

Like this one [ Haxe PHP ]

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By the way, @socialflasher, you can edit the first post and turn it into a wiki, this way, anyone can edit the post and add more resources.
That is, if the forum admins allowed this option.


but i only get these options :

@socialflasher I think it’s in the post settings, not the topic. Not 100% sure for me it’s classified in the admin actions, but you should have the right to do it.
If you can’t find it I can do it for you (normally) but I’m actually curious as to where the button for that is :wink:

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@ibilon found it :smiley:


it’s a Wiki post now :slight_smile:

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