Text to speech

Hello everyone, I am the CEO of a small not for profit called Accessible Coders CIC.
We are working on projects to improve accessibilty for people who have disabilities.

We have a small development team of volunteers who are learning to code using Haxe.
All of our software projects require text to speech as an aid to reading and understanding.

Does anyone have experience of text to speech using Haxe?

It would be great to get some advice/ pointers before we embark.

Thank you Adrian

Hi Adrian,
Could you give a bit of detail about the Haxe targets you will be using? Different platforms offer their own accessibility toolkits, for example Integrating accessibility into your app | Apple Developer Documentation
So asking for help with, or researching using Apple-native APIs (or whatever platform APIs) may possibly give you better results.

Hi @Adrian !
What kind of platforms are you using ? And what to do you want to do with it ? Would you like to access the platforms tts or have your own tts engine integrated ?