Test explorer in vscode

used test explorer lately in vscode, and works great, good job on this :slight_smile:
But noticed small thing in it, for example, an test file for buddy

class ATest extends BuddySuite {
	public function new() {
		describe("ATest", {
                describe("testing function", {
                        it("should do some stuff", {...});

only last describe before it will be in the tree view so ATest will not appear as parent for testing function, is this limitation of vscode or its design decission for haxe test adapter implementation ?

Thank you

It’s not so much a design descision, but rather a lack of experience with how people use buddy. Also I didn’t see (or overlooked) an example that used nested describe calls, so I didn’t try to move up any parent list.
And of course back when buddy support was added test results would show up in a flat list, hierarchy handling was added much later.

So test-adapter needs an update to support nested describe calls. However I’m not sure if you can get access to a parent suite from inside a test case (buddy is a bit special, because it doesn’t use functions as test cases like other test frameworks).
So feel free to open an issue over at Issues · vshaxe/haxe-test-adapter · GitHub - naturally a pull request is equally welcome :slight_smile:

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@ablum thank you for clarification, will start with issue for now :slight_smile: