Super-simple soft-body physics prototype

I was impressed by this LDJAM entry by Nikita Lisitsa, fondly remembering World of Goo and Jelly Car. Turns out, Nikita posted a tutorial of this method - a really cool “shape matching” technique that fits in just a few buffers of code.

ChatGPT helped in converting it to Haxe, I added some app-setup and CanvasElement drawing, and voila, I have it up and running on Try Haxe !


I love things that are simple enough to understand, but still really cool.

Check out how the math is cleanly expressed with abstract operator overloads:

TODO’s include adding dampening (which Nikita describes) - but I feel like a kid with new tools. :smiley: Enjoy!



Thanks for sharing. Really like the abstracts part

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I like this. It’s interesting to know that World of Goo perhaps was simpler under the hood than it seems.