Status of SPOD?


I used to read tons of stuff on the mailing list to keep me up to speed on things, but it’s been a couple of years that I haven’t been so closely monitoring what is happening in haxeland.

That said, have there been any changes to SPOD? Supported targets (e.g. node)? Relational database support? New features?

Need to start designing a very data driven thingermee and am thinking of using SPOD again after a very long time…



Recently tinkered with it. It’s no longer part of the standard library, but it is in haxelib as record-macros and can be found on github here. It works pretty well, but I’m not sure it supports node. tink_sql sounds like an interesting alternative (that works on node), but I couldn’t get it to work the last time I tried it a few months ago. I was targeting PHP, so that probably changed things.

SPOD supports php and neko. It’s virtually unchanged in the past 5 or so years (after it was “macroized”). Jason built ufront-orm on top of that, adding more relationships and ways to talk to it directly from the client. AFAIK you can use it in standalone (without the rest of ufront). Doesn’t have nodejs support though.

As for tink_sql, it currently only works on node, but it does work pretty well, if you know how - which is the tricky bit :smiley:
If you decide to go down that path, don’t hesitate to join us at haxetink/public - Gitter and we can help you with any problems you run into.

@jasononeil also started to work on a async version of record-macros for Node, but I don’t know if it’s fully usable.

BTW I use record-macros on a daily basis with neko and PHP, and it perfectly fit my needs. Don’t miss also dbadmin which is a very nice addition to record-macros.

Relationnal DB, foreign keys, locking and transactions are managed with MySQL ( InnoDB )

Ok, so SPOD hasn’t changed since I last used it. I remember playing with Ufront-ORM but it was when Jason was making it IIRC so I didn’t go much further and had probs sorting out related tables. It always comes back to the world of Tink! I have dipped my toes a couple of times in different parts of tinkland, but never used any of it in anger on a project.

So I’ll give tink_sql a spin with node, I’m still deciding on what backend to use if my data driven thingermee is going to be a webapp. Node would seem to give a lot of flexibility though and it has some nice libs I’ll need to be using, so I’m leaning heavily to Node. Which rules out SPOD and Ufront-ORM. Yes it is a shame to miss the db-admin stuff I guess, but learign some more features of mysql workbench is improving my db design and mysql foo no end.

Thanks, all, good info as always.

Ah, just read the github thread following Jason’s work on making the record-macros (ex SPOD) work with Node. Nice work, at the end it says there are conflicts, so I’m guessing this hasn’t been merged yet?