Some lime setup error?

Hello, I was creating a mod for fnf, until some error happened. I used “lime test windows” but for some reason, it gave me this error: C:\Users\sori\Downloads\random\Funkin-master\export\release\windows\obj>setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
Warning: Could not find Visual Studio 2017 VsDevCmd
Error: Could not automatically setup MSVC

Is it just me being dumb or is this really a problem?
I would really need help with this, I’ve been trying to find something over this for a while.

Hey! If you haven’t already, modify your Visual Studio installation, and install these components:

- MSVC v142 - VS 2019 C++ x64/x86 build tools
- Windows SDK (10.0.17763.0)

You should be good to go. If you have any other problems related to that, please refer to the original Funkin repository on github. There’s a readme with the info you need about which components to install, and a guide :slight_smile:

Thank you! This works!

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It’s no problem, glad it helped!