[solved]VSCode haxe plugin gets stuck on Initialising Completion

Hi all,

Wanted to say thank for awsome vscode plugin for haxe as now can work on mac much easer :slight_smile:
It was working ok lately (until haxe update to 3.4.6 , but dont know if thats related), but now it gets stuck in Initialising Completion, tried to restart server e.c bit no luck. Anything else what I can try to get more info on whats happening there?

Thank you in advance

Try this: Troubleshooting · vshaxe/vshaxe Wiki · GitHub

Thanks, started to work after some project build excutions.

How did you solve this? I got this problem too. My project is a pure Haxe project. What’s your build.hxml and haxe.displayConfigurations settings?

@Doppp hi sorry for late response, for me it started to work when I builded project (I have openfl project, and had some errors in the project.xml file).