Share how to output ESM module to js

The js code that compiled by haxe is hard to work together with modern js toolchain.
It can be require or import in nodejs env, but can’t in webpack, rollup and esbuild. The code register itself to window in browser envirment and exports nothing!! It’s reminds me of 10 years ago.

There’s the method:
Add a line to start of generated code var exports = {};.

// Generated by Haxe 4.3.4
var exports = {};
(function ($hx_exports, $global) { "use strict";

Edit the last line:

})(typeof exports != "undefined" ? exports : typeof window != "undefined" ? window : typeof self != "undefined" ? self : this, typeof window != "undefined" ? window : typeof global != "undefined" ? global : typeof self != "undefined" ? self : this);


export default exports;

finally, rename file to .mjs;

Now it’s an esm. Maybe use macro can make it be auto-generated, but i’m a beginner of haxe, still not know how to do this.

Unfortunately this has been in Haxe’s backlog for a long time: [js][es6] add ES6 module exports · Issue #8033 · HaxeFoundation/haxe · GitHub

I built a custom generator to ouput esm which also splits the output into separate js files:

Still hopeful that Haxe will someday support both.

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I’ve tried genes, and it works very well! I can confirm that bundlers handle its output nicely.

Good job! I thought it’s the best esm tool for now.
but i have a request: Could I export a bundle instead of seprated files?
Tree shaking is available for genes, much better than my trick.

I’ve tested genes with Webpack, Vite, and Rollup, and all three worked well on my projects.