SEnum in SPOD not included in emitted SQL (using record-macros library)

I am attempting to use SPOD via record-macros in neko. When I use sys.db.Types.SEnum (for example to set a value on a new object to be inserted into the database), the generated SQL query does not include that field. In the example below I initialise a SpodRec with someInt : SInt = 4 and val : SEnum = value1, but when I attempt to insert the record, the generated SQL is INSERT INTO SpodRec (someInt) VALUES (4) where I would expect it to be INSERT INTO SpodRec (someInt, val) VALUES (4,0) or similar. Am I using this incorrectly?

class SpodTest {
	public static function main(){
		var cnx ="spodtest.db");
		sys.db.Manager.cnx = cnx;

		//Create the SpodRec table
		if ( !sys.db.TableCreate.exists( SpodRec.manager ) )
			sys.db.TableCreate.create( SpodRec.manager );

		var mySpodRec = new SpodRec();
		mySpodRec.someInt = 4;
		mySpodRec.val = value1;

class SpodRec extends sys.db.Object {
	public var id : sys.db.Types.SId;
	public var someInt : sys.db.Types.SInt;
	public var val : sys.db.Types.SEnum<MyEnum>;

enum MyEnum {


SpodTest.hx:5: SpodTesting                                                                                                                
Called from ? line 1                                                                                                                      
Called from SpodTest.hx line 17
Called from sys/db/Object.hx line 53
Called from sys/db/Manager.hx line 199
Called from sys/db/Manager.hx line 441
Called from /usr/share/haxe/std/neko/_std/sys/db/Sqlite.hx line 40
Uncaught exception - Error while executing INSERT INTO SpodRec (someInt) VALUES (4) (Sqlite error : SQL logic error)

record-macros 1.0.0-alpha
haxe 3.4.7
neko 2.2.0

Solved here SEnum in SPOD not included in emitted SQL · Issue #19 · HaxeFoundation/record-macros · GitHub