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I would believe, too … but I know from own experience that usually you end with more questions than answers. F.e. looking for JS … haxe_org … learn more … Writing Haxe Web Applications … hmmm … suppose we want to extend some existing project … found sth familiar … jQuery, click it … and? no luck, only API description, no examples… go back… jQueryExtern link … and again … no single example. No info about externs (why they are needed, how use them).

You can have luck and find cookbook’s JS section (should be linked in learn) … and see more meaningfull article about adding DOM element.
It’s basic but for beginner every non usual element can be strange, lack of explanation creates entering barrier, a steep learning curve.

  1. Why I should use that instead plain JS or usual jQuery?
  2. “Remember that jQuery in Haxe is simply an extern” - I know haxe nedds it for sth - this is the line with import in code below?
  3. “You need to add a script-tag that links to jQuery in the HTML file.” …eee, we have haxe code here, isn’t it? Hmm, maybe it will be needed later. YES, it is, in this place should be sth like “Externs are definitions used by compiler to know how to use external libraries functions in type safe manner. All of your haxe code during compilation will be checked, your parameters (values passed to external functions) type must match to definitions. Values returned by external code is also type checked. Bad code simply won’t compile!”
  4. What is this static main for? Each haxe class must have it? It’s explained enywhere? NO
  5. new JQuery in new jQuery … WTH?
  6. I couldn’t have a chance to view /manual/target-javascript-external-libraries.html - it looks a bit like “tips and tricks to write externs” - not simple use cases.
  7. Again, why I should use it? Maybe typescript will be better?

Of course I know all answers, this is just teoretical beginner “entry point”.
For almost every JS lib examples you’re cloning repository and running npm to see live example.
In haxe world is a way harder - raw code, repos without compiled bins (html+js) to run after cloning, no screenshots, no descriptions at all.

SO is ok, but why had to be asked? Just because google query “hxcpp build.xml linker flags” didn’t get proper result? Where is this better job? It’s not enought to write Linker_md - it has to be findable - should be processed into doc pages with proper tags and keywords. For that reason resources like and github_com/r3d9u11/haxe-basics should be linked somewhere in docs, manual. Good, non trivial example with commented code is in some cases more valuable.
Internal resources should be better hyperlinked, too. In docs there is almost no “enought state”.
There is a lot of resources, any kind and target but it’s hard to find them - github page (community modified) with links with descriptions to resources (articles, repos) - taggable/filterable/searchable like cookbooks?

I had to remove some links (limit 2 links for newly registered user)