RTMFP support


Does Haxe or OpenFL support RTMFP?

I found this link, but it says it’s old, so maybe it’s does not apply any longer

(Allan Dowdeswell) #2

A while back I did some research on this and collected the following links, which included the one you provided. - server

webrtc: - tutorial/code -seems very useful - for the above - not sure if so useful - not sure if useful - conferencing - server - rtmfp or webrtc (in future) - open source server

My guess is that the code you found still works for Flash. You might want to try a more modern technology like WebRTC.


WebRTC implementation of any kind would be amazing. Was totally not aware of what that was until a couple of months ago.

(nardine zermok) #4

apparently webrtc is udp compatible so why not to implement rtmfp in it?