Rfc blog post (graphics, pixels, netpbm)

Yow! I haven’t blogged in ages, and haven’t yet posted a link anywhere to this, but was inspired to fiddle around tonight and create some graphics with a little Haxe code, and subsequently also write up a small post on it: http://www.unexpected-vortices.com/blog/2020/create-graphics-image-from-pixels.html. Please let me know if the code in it could be improved / haxified (made more haxelicious?) in any way. Any other feedback appreciated as well. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I can’t believe I’ve never heard of NETPBM format till now. Thanks!

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Same here - for a simple image format I’d have gone with TGA…

Yeah, I guess netpbm is pretty old-school. :slight_smile: I first ran across it years ago in a Perl example at rosettacode.

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