Remote Haxe Developer Position at a company in Sofia, Bulgaria

Hi folks,
We are Cayetano Gaming - a game development studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We’re part of Flutter Inc., which since May of this year is touted to be the largest betting provider worldwide.

Our focus is mainly on online slot games, but also things like roulette, blackjack and the likes.

We’re using Haxe as a main development technology since 2016, when we started our transition away from Flash and AS3. We’re mostly targeting JS.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that we’re probably the only company in our small country, who bets heavily on Haxe. To put it mildly: the talent-pool isn’t huge.

COVID-19 has turned us into a remote company overnight with all the advantages and drawbacks this brings, so here we are, cautiously starting to explore the opportunity to find remote team-mates.

A little additional heads-up before going into details about the position:

The company is planning to stay remote-first until the end of the year, with a high probability this period gets extended to at least until spring '21. Whether we remain a remote company after things with the virus have settled down, is uncertain. That said, if we find a team-mate who matches our needs, I’ll do my best (and more), for the company to match theirs. That’s the hardest promise I can make at the moment.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, either in the thread or via DM.

The details for the position:

We are looking to expand our excellent team with a Game Developer

Ideally, you would bring the following:

  • Game development experience in an object-oriented or a functional programming language. (Bring both and blow us away!)
  • Willingness to work with a language, that you probably haven’t used before. (We’re that cutting-edge, and we provide great training to boost your performance right from the start!)
  • Preference for being a “farmer” (the one who plans carefully before starting the actual work), rather than a “cowboy” (the one who tackles tasks and problems if and when they fly in). We need the latter too, but only occasionally.
  • Teamplay. (And we mean it - you have to be ready to make small sacrifices, if it would help the team to win big).

Totally(!) optional, but advantageous:

  • Experience with the Haxe programming language. (That’s the one we work with, mostly.)
  • Experience with ActionScript, TypeScript, JavaScript. (The usual suspects when it comes to web game development.)
  • Experience with PixiJS. (Or any other WebGL/Canvas rendering engine.)
  • Any level of experience using Adobe Animate and/or Spine2D. (You’re a swiss-army knife, get in touch with us!)
  • Drive for process optimization. (You know that feeling, when you manage to game the obstacles.)

Lots of perks are included if you’re living in Sofia (or at least Bulgaria), but here are the ones which would also be available remotely. We can probably expand the list, if it makes sense for both sides - please let us know.

  • 25 days of annual leave.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Sharesave plan - offered at company’s discretion

Get in touch at vladimir.velikov at cayetanogaming dot com, so we can figure out and walk through the application process together.