Recommanded SMTP email library

I tried smtp-mailer, but found too many incompatibilities with haxe 4.3

I tried ufront-mail, managed to make it work, I had to patch the base64, as well as update the line splitting function to make it fast enough for huge attachments, utf8 emails are still not working, and some email addresses are not correctly parsed.

EDIT: I found the utf8 issue being related to gmail not supporting QP encoding, once I commented out this conversion google displayed correctly my text (meaning they support utf8 on the network stream)

I could open a PR for the updated I had to make in ufront-mail, but I am not sure where the mtwin smtp git repo is if any.

Do someone know of an up to date and widely used email library?

I had that challenge myself and it would seem that depending on your target (Node.js or PHP for example) you may wish to simply use externs with a maintained library. To my shame, my own solution for my Haxe-built website was to piggyback my contact form on the WordPress installation I also had. I’m sure other folks here might have a better idea about Haxe-native libraries.

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