Recieving function arguments from FNF Psych Engine function (CLOSED)

Hello haxe community, I hope some of you that can respond to this question know much about the Psych Engine Lua And Haxe Callback Handler and Psych Engine Lua Scripting API inside of the FNF Psych Engine source code, since this question mostly is based off of that. Does anyone know how I can retrieve the optional arguments from the haxe function createCallback(name:String, func:Dynamic, ?funk:FunkinLua = null)?

it’s relatively safe to assume that nobody here knows anything about PsychEngine and nobody has the time to look through their sources in an attempt to answer your question. your best bet is either to figure it out yourself, or seek help with the PsychEngine community or its developers.

I see you’ve already opened two issues with the PsychEngine people (e.g. ShadowMario/FNF-PsychEngine#13177 and ShadowMario/FNF-PsychEngine#13154). that’s definitely a good place to start, maybe they also have a discord server that you can join. (although in general it’s not a good look to ask the same question in multiple places in close succession).

I honestly thought some people here would’ve known some knowledge about the game’s Haxe source code here. Thanks for the information though

my guess is most people are outside the age range that attracts PsychEngine modders.
also many of them have their own game engines, frameworks, libraries or toolkits that they maintain and code games, apps or demos with.

@AyMarte You are welcome in the Haxe forums, by the way. I can see that a lot of today’s FNF modders will be tomorrow’s full-time Haxe users.