QuickJS for another server side js engine

Just as a note. Fabrice Bellard, author of TCC and QEMU and… has written up an ECMAScript engine, QuickJS. qjs. Simple Haxe trials working out fine.

prompt$ haxe -js js/hello.js --main Hello
prompt$ qjs js/hello.js
Hello.hx:3: Hello, world

For anyone that might be a fan of the works of Fabrice. Supports the spec up to ES2020 and adds some POSIX, bigints, and bigdecimal. Works very well as an embedded engine. GnuCOBOL sports a user defined function for FUNCTION QJS and it works quite well with COBOL decimal arithmetic and not losing out on rounding and approximations. Ships with a nice little regexp library, a unicode library, and IEEE 754 extended precision floats, libbf which can all be used separately. And it being Fabrice code, the Quick in QuickJS is not a tall tale.

Have good, make well


Interesting BUT…
Does it have examples of hooking it up to graphics, I looked briefly through some of the mailing list but did not see any attempts to wire it up to a shader, let alone working with stuff like png’s, and not up for doing the ground work. Surely it’s better to compile to HL/Cppia/JVM if you want fast compile headless code, js is useful because it comes with browser graphics, mouse, keyboard? ( video/sound useful but not as essential ). QuickJSGL is more interesting.