Question categorisation

Questions in the ‘Haxe’ category will soon be a very messy if we don’t start introducing more granular categorisation or tagging.
Can we liberally create new (sub) categories/tags? Is it possible to add a tag to a question?


From what I’m remember the admins can decide fro which users levels can create new tags, so I think they should let this permission to high level users only…

Yes anybody can tag their posts, and currently only admins can create new ones.

If a topic could use a new tag mention it and I’ll add it.

At least we should have a default taxonomy:

  • target tags; like javascript, cpp, python, etc.,
  • platform tags; like mac, windows, linux,
  • tool tags; like compiler, haxelib, extern,
  • possibly notable frameworks; like openfl, kha, haxeui, react…

There isn’t tag (yet) for the frameworks, but the others are there.
You can see the list in General Site Suggestions - #24 by ibilon