Problems with creating my own library

Hello. I’m trying to make my own library of classes.

So, i’ve made a ZIP file
terminal commands:

chekist@MBP-Dmitry cheknikot % haxelib dev cheknikot /Users/chekist/projects/cheknikot/

Development directory set to /Users/chekist/projects/cheknikot
chekist@MBP-Dmitry cheknikot %

chekist@MBP-Dmitry cheknikot % haxelib install

Installing cheknikot…
Current version is now 1.0.0

Then i’ve opened my project in Visual Studio Code, added to Project.xml , but i cant import my ‘cheknikot’ classes.

Done. I’ve solved this problem.

i’ve removed string "“classPath”: “source/” in haxelib.json ands put folder “cheknikot” (folder of my classes) in same dir as haxelib.json