Problem with Creating a class

I am having problems making a class for a project in Haxe. I have followed the documentation online(even pasting their code at one point). Not sure if I need to import something to get this to work or what. I am receiving this error
source/PlayState.hx:4: characters 8-13 : Expected identifier

Here is my code for the class

class PizzaOrder{
		var pId:Int;
		var pSauce:String;
		var pBake:String;
		var pTopping:Array<String>;

		public function new(pId, pSauce,pBake, pTopping){
			this.pId = pId;
			this.pSauce = pSauce;
			this.pBake = pBake;
			this.pTopping = pTopping;

		public function displayOrder(pId){

		public function validateOrder(pId){



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You can’t have a class inside another type.

So would I make the class in a separate haxe file and import it? How would one import another class? I tried and got the same error on the import.

Move the last line (}) of your file above your class and it’ll be fine

Edit: though uh error being line 4 is strange… what is above your class?

Thanks a lot for the help. Line 4 was my bad, I was playing around with import got the error there, and used that for my post (same error different line!) all working now!