Problem with compiling miku source to html5

I need help. I have been trying to compile miku source code to html5 but I keep getting this error:
source/TitleState.hx:299: characters 8-15 : Accessing this field requires a system platform (php,neko,cpp,etc.)
If anyone knows how to fix this then please tell me because I have been trying for a bit now.

The error is very clear; you’re accessing a field from a certain package that can’t be used in a non-system platform (which in your case is a JS target, aka a browser target). Simply because you can’t grab code that works on sys and randomly slap it on a html5 build; we don’t really know what “miku source” is, but I’d recommend joining a FNF modding server that could possibly help with this issue :smile:

alright, thank you for your response

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