Possibility for haxe-checkstyle to have clippy style lints?

I just checked Rust’s linter Clippy and it has much advanced lints than checkstyle (for e.g. clippy has lints for performance as well as correctness). ALL the Clippy Lints
Would it be possible to extend checkstyle to support similar lints? or is it technically infeasible possibly due to differences in architecture?
If it is possible, are such advanced lints being considered for inclusion?


adding more checks to checkstyle is what I’ve been doing from time to time in recent years. In most cases it happens when I become aware of something that might make a good checkstyle check.
Unfortunately my time is limited, so I only work on checkstyle when I have a spontaneous idea for a new feature / check or if someone reports a bug.

If you have checks that you want to see in checkstyle, please don’t hesitate to open individual issues on checkstyle’s github.
Of course pull requests will get those new checks in a lot faster.
However given the number of PRs in recent times there is either no interest in new checks / features or people are too scared of checkstyle’s code base :slight_smile:

As to performance related checks: That’s a tricky topic, because what might be a performance issue can change depending on what target(s) you use.