Poll - Unit Test Frameworks for haxe

Which framework are you using in your daily work?

  • haxe.unit.*
  • munit
  • utest
  • hunit
  • tink_unittest
  • hexUnit
  • My own solution
  • None, I don’t see any advantage spend time on testing
  • None, I see advantage, but I’m a lazy developer

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I’m very curious to know which solution is used by Haxe developers to unit testing them code. Do not hesitate to add some details about your preference. :slight_smile:

// Because I cannot edit poll, I will update this extra entires from comments:

  • Buddy +5

Buddy. Like the bdd style syntax and it is familiar to js developers used to mocha, and works well across targets.


For information haxe.unit is removed from the std in haxe 4 (available in

+1 for Buddy

To bad, I cannot add Buddy, only moderator can edited poll.

I use munit now, but thinking to move to Buddy as I am more used bdd style

I’ve just tried to edit it for you, but got You cannot add or remove poll options after the first 5 minutes. You should close this topic and create a new one instead.

Back to the topic. I actually quite enjoy using haxe.unit.* and I’m a bit sad to see it go… It is perfect for adding tests for tiny libraries.


+1 for Buddy, with Enzyme when on a React project

Buddy is where its at.

Thank you!
On my side I get You cannot add or remove poll options after the first 5 minutes. Please contact a moderator if you need to edit a poll option. ^^

Nice to see so many Buddy users, we should spread word about it, as it took me some time till I got tests set up and running at the beginning :slight_smile: What I lack most in unit testing in haxe are stubs/mocks maybe someone knows some good lib that can mock functions and check if they were called, and what params were used ? is a good one, the official repo is not maintained, but if you look into the github network, you can find more recent version, like :

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I’m using haxe.unit.* but it was just a simple tool to start.

Wow, buddy looks very cool. I like the “natural language” style.

Which one(s) of these frameworks handle code coverage reports ?

munit have build one

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You can use mcover and mockatoo with any of these I think.