Parse texture atlases with the Adobe Animate Format

Hello, I’m kinda new at Haxe lol And I have a question
Uhm So I’m trying to parse texture atlases with the Adobe Animate Format But I don’t understand How to do it.
Can somebody explain me how this Library works?

Or there’s other libraries that can parse these texture atlas?

Hi @Cheemsandfriends,
Often the OpenFL forum is better for such questions, assuming you intend to use OpenFL. I myself was searching for Spritesheet libraries there just yesterday.

Make sure you are first learning how to use OpenFL. You may not need an atlas/tilemap library if you do not have many graphics to display. You can go pretty far with the OpenFL Sprite class for example in many cases. You can also convert swf files and use them directly for some purposes.

There are built-in libraries in OpenFL: Tileset and Tilemap. If you run openfl create bunnymark from the command line it gives an example of how to use those.

Some other tools/texture packers for SpriteSheets include TexturePacker, Shoebox, Zoé, and Others. Also HaxeFlixel Game Engine and Flump/Flambe/2dKit. Also GAF. The best tool depends on your desired workflow and end product of course. Any questions? :slight_smile:

Hi @Confidant,
I specifically need to know how to parse the adobe Animate’s texture atlas because I use normally Animate to display my sprites. Because of that I would necessarily know how to parse those type of exported sprites.
Thank you for the offers of different texture packers though.

Sounds good. Here is a another newer OpenFL Atlas library if that helps at all. GitHub - loudoweb/openfl-atlas: atlas importer for Tilemap (openfl >=4.0.2)

Hello Again @Confidant !
So maybe I haven’t been clear about the texture atlas (Since there is the texture packer and stuff)
What I meant is how to parse this

I don’t have problem with one json file but idk how to do it with two

Can you show the code you have so far? I’m wondering also if @loudo could assist, since I still have not used any of these libraries yet.

That’s the problem,
Idk what should I do because it’s kinda confusing
And Because FlxAtlasFrames doesn’t have a parsing for that type,
At least I didn’t see that feature

I never used Adobe Animate Atlases so I’m not sure to be useful here. There is a sample for your library, you can take a look. But I don’t know if this library is compatible with Flixel. So maybe you need to ask Flixel users.