[PAID WORK] Looking for an experienced backend developper to make a PVP online deltarune fangame. (position filled))

You may know me from my previous post where i was searching for a developper to make a deltarune engine, well we’re close to finishing it to say the least ^^

But now we’re stepping to the next part of the project, so we’ll need :
1. A developper that can make and manage a REST API
2. A developper that can do an “account management” system, to make something similar similar to Overwatch or League of Legends where we store everything datas from the player’s account in an API, and once you log in, you get all the saved progress from the API.
3. A developper that can make a server system, since the fangame is a hybrid of an RPG system and a BULLET HELL system, we’ll have to update the game on each frames for each players, so we’ll have something similar as fighting game. (netcode, delay-based netcode, rollback,…)

1. the programmer who did the engine will take care of the client side protocol for communication.
2. the targets are hashlink and javascript.
3. We need something that works similarly to websockets (https://lib.haxe.org/p/colyseus-websocket/) but can target both javascript and hashlink.
4. The server can be written in anything as long as you are capable of writing custom protocols (server side).

Requirements :
1. Must have discord AND be active for the project.
2. Must also be able to analyze the project and advice me on what’s the best system would be to use, whether it’s for the account system, API or server system.
3. Must be communicative : give regular update, if you want to take a break or have urgencies that requires you to be inactive on the project, tell me beforehand so i don’t get any wrong ideas.
4. Must have participated into a finished project before (haxe related or not)
5. Need to be familiar with deltarune

Payment :
1. the total amount paid will be discussed and set before you come into the project.
2. the payment will be done through paypal or any other platform like kofi that doesn’t require me to create an account.
3. The payment will be done through milestones : (basically steps/features of the project)
4. The milestones will be discussed and set before you join the project, analyze the project and propose me your milestones and prices for each of them before we start negociating.
5. Once a milestone is reached > you tell me > i validate it > i pay you.

Others :
1. no share revenue, this project is a fangame and the owner of deltarune refuses to have us profit out of fan content.
2. This is a side project, no need to feel stressed about the it, while we will have milestones, theses can be flexible as we won’t have a deadline for the project itself.
3. I am a programmer myself (an amateur) and have a good amount of experience and knowledge as a game developper, i can discuss game dev without much trouble.
4. if you have ideas to upgrade what you’ve been tasked to do or anything regardling the project, advice me, i’m open-minded. :wink:

You can have a good view of the gameplay loop and the engine here :

if you can handle one or multiple of these jobs and you’re interested in working on the project, contact me through discord : Corrun#3065
if you have any question ask them in the section below or in my discord DMs.
When you reach me, show me your portfolio/github account and tell me RIGHT AWAY the amount of time you’ll be able/want to dedicate to this project on a weekly basis.

I have sent request to add. Please accept it