Override protected native as3 getter or protected method from swc

have some issue with overriding native as3 getters.
Already had a discussion on the openfl forum but could not find a solution, maybe here someone has some ideas.

I am using feather ui libs swc, that defines:

protected function get defaultStyleProvider():IStyleProvider
	return null;

Extended that class from swc and trying to override that getter

@:getter(defaultStyleProvider) @:protected override function getDefaultStyleProvider(): IStyleProvider {
	return CustomController.globalStyleProvider;

but getting error:

Field getDefaultStyleProvider is declared 'override' but doesn't override any field

without override code compiles but at runtime getting error:

Error #1053: Illegal override of defaultStyleProvider

Tried to define extern to force haxe compiler to add override but failed till now.

Got help from openfl team, and looks like haxe bug, but issue is closed so overriding protect methods / getters / setters will stay broken for flash target