Open source Haxe track on Exercism is looking for assistance

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for some help with getting the Haxe track up to date on

Exercism is a website for developers to help hone their skills by either completing exercises or mentoring others. The Haxe track was started years ago but was unfortunately never fully implemented. My goal is to see Haxe as a first-class citizen on the platform and act as another resource for developers to get more exposure to Haxe.

The track needs assistance getting exercises implemented from the Exercism Problem Specifications Repo. A list of currently implemented exercises is HERE.

How Exercism works:

  • Each supported language track has a repo at exercism/x on GitHub
  • Exercism maintains a list of common problems implemented by every track.
  • The majority of these exercises have a canonical-data.json file that lays out all of the test cases for an exercise.
  • Track volunteers then take these canonical-data.json files and turn them into unit tests for each exercise.
  • Students then use the Exercism CLI to download exercises and fill out stub files to pass the unit tests.
  • Once the students feel confident in their answers, they upload them to share or ask for feedback.
  • Mentors on the language track then provide feedback and answer questions.

If you would like to help contribute by implementing exercises, please take a look at the experimental Test Generator. This should dramatically speed up implementing exercises by creating all of the files you need and all of the Buddy tests required.

The generator does not 100% work, so the test cases generated might not work or just have the wrong assert method used. Instructions on how to use it are here.

Please only work on exercises that have a canonical-data.json in the Problem Spec repo for now. Other tracks have implemented exercises without them, but we will get back to those when the time comes.

To prevent overlapping work please make a branch for the exercise you are planning on working on and make a pull request right away titled: Add EXERCISENAME exercise.

Once we have enough exercises and a few volunteers, I will be holding polls on the issue board to help determine difficulty levels for each exercise.

Hopefully, in a few weeks we can have the Track launched. Together we can make another great resource for Haxe!