Old site is down

Anybody know how to fix the old Haxe site being down?

Error : Failed to connect to TORA host

Was there anything in particularly you wanted from on the old site ( maybe via wayback ), I think really it might be better if our community can improve the new site in any areas that are lacking, even if it’s just via the cookbook? I do agree there are some aspects on the new site that are hard to find or have become more technical but lost comprehension for self taught developers. I presume it went down when the sever farm burnt down in france and so was less easy to recover or too much effort?

The __init__ magic method does not seem to be documented on the new site. I have (very few) use cases for this method.

I’m not really sure: the old site broke after everything was recovered by OVH (i.e. the website provider).

In the meantime, the wayback machine has everything, including the section about __init__

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I think a good selection of 401 redirects would be a reasonable replacement for the old site.