Official linkedin profile of Haxe foundation?

Is this the official Linkedin profile of the Haxe Foundation?

If so, the link “Visit website” leads to , not to

Looks like it’s just an outdated link. For those interested, until at least May 2014, it was a dedicated foundation webpage, and after that it started redirecting to (that’s how it appears on the internet archive through Dec 7 of this year anyway).

Thank you. It’s obviously an outdated link.

I found this account in Linkedin when I was provoked by a statistic for the most popular cross-platform mobile frameworks:
• Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by global developers 2021 | Statista

As you can see, Native script has 5%, and Haxe is probably in Others.

But is it Native script so good compared to Haxe?

This question provoked me, and then I tried to answer why Haxe is not more popular?

  • The first answer was that Haxe is popular as a cross-compiler, but never mentions Android or iOS (only the icon on the first page of leads to some assumptions).
    So Haxe is not a mobile framework or at least not being promoted as such.
  • The second answer may be that Haxe is not marketing very well. There are some sites where Native scripts exist ( such as ), but Haxe is not mentioned at all.
  • The third answer may be similar to the first - Haxe is not promoted as a framework for mobile development.

It will be interesting to know how many people use Haxe for mobile development.
For example, in the latest HaxeIn, Innogames mentions using Unity for mobile, but why not Haxe?

Do you think that if Haxe is promoted as cross-platform framework for mobile development ( and have tools for easy compilation for Andorid/iOS ) will lead to greater popularity?

I think the whole Haxe ecosystem could benefit from this.