Nwjs library archived

Just found out today that this exists: GitHub - cedx/nwjs.hx: Type definitions for using NW.js with Haxe., Haxe extern definitions for the nw.js platform (https://nwjs.io/) and noticed that the repository has been archived about a month ago. Does anyone by any wild chance of coincidence knows why?

I also noticed that the developer archived a bunch of other of their GitHub repositories within few days around Jan 22-24, so I suspect it has nothing to do with the nwjs.hx library itself.

I wouldn’t want to start using something that might be deprecated (which may be one reason why someone would archive a repository) from the start, but the latest version of nwjs,hx seems current enough.

I don’t have GitHub account I could use to contact the developer, and even if I did, I have no idea if there’s a way to send message to a repo maintainer on GitHub or if people just open issues with questions (I guess that opening an issue is the way people ask questions on GitHub?).

Thanks for any info on this.

This most likely means that he no longer wants to maintain this repository, for example if he no longer uses these externs. You can fork and continue using or maintaining it instead.

With the dts2hx library it is possible (will some effort) to always keep externs current with the latest API of different supported libraries. I’ve seen a few different extern libraries on Haxelib get generated once and then abandoned, so perhaps @cedx didn’t want to keep it current when there’s a good solution for alternate extern generation.

I did not know about dts2hx, it looks interesting in general when targeting JS, thanks!

If I find that nwjs works well with what I need it for, forking the repo and updating it when changes to nwjs happen might be the way to go, as RblSb said.

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