Not Haxe related, just an interesting find

Not related to Haxe directly, just an interesting find I came across, with an approach I hadn’t come across before:

As opposed to Haxe, this language doesn’t so much feature various backends (it only targets WebAssembly at the moment), it sort-of features various front-ends, but with a twist:

The different “front-ends” only appear differently, they are in fact stored in one syntax (so you have no interop problems, or developer feuds over which front-end is better), and a file system driver takes care of presenting that one syntax as the user’s desired syntax, on the fly, back and forth… A browser plugin should even take care of presenting the user’s desired syntax in the browser, etc.

I doubt it will ever grow into something big, but I like how the guy who designed it managed to come up with such a novel idea.


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Thanks for the info!
Most interesting file I have seen in a while!
In the section
What’s the point of having different syntaxes?

…If we push syntax to userland…

Pushing syntax to userland is EXACTLY what forGL does, for all the simplified Natural Languages it supports. forGL Export As Code (represents differently) the userland syntax to programming language land such as Haxe for more learning / programming as wanted…