🤩 Noob - Using Stencyl and was wonderind "Graphic Manipulation

Looking for a way to code, "When Dragged On Image, Push, Pull, Stretch pixels.
I want to be able to distort images I publish in Stencyl by Click & Dragging and via Mouse Wheel.

It’s better to ask this question on Stencyl Forum

Are you sure? I’m trying to use Haxe.
Stencyl is based on Blocks.
Stencyl Moto: Blocks Not Code.
The only knowledgeable people are the creators.
I guess I figured I thought a Haxe Question should be asked at a Haxe forum where I would find Haxe users.

Your question is specific to Stencyl implementation. I guess there should be more people with appropriate Stencyl knowledge.