No longer able to edit old posts

This is a quick question for the admins.

I recently noticed that I was no longer able to edit one of my posts, and a quick Google search seems to indicate that Discourse’s default post edit time limit setting may be to blame for this.

According to this thread, the default value of 86,400 minutes for that setting will prevent users from editing any posts older than 2 months, which is what I’m seeing here. That thread also states that admins should be able to use a value of 0 to permit post editing at any time.

Would it be possible to lift this restriction when editing posts on this site?

@RealyUniqueName @mark.knol @ibilon Is this something one of you can assist with?

I’ve just changed the limit from 86400 to 0 as you suggested. :slight_smile:

Sweet, looks like that fixed the problem. Thanks, @andyli!