No autocomplete in visual studio code


I’ve a very annoying issue. I’ve installed haxe toolkit and visual studio code with the following plugins:
haxe debug
haxe extension pack

I’ve been told that lime is the one allowing the autocomplete but when I put the “.” and/or use ctrl+space I get a load of useless references instead of just the first properties of a specific object for instance.

I’ve tried reinstalling the whole thing, to no avail, and haxe develope shows a “404 not found” when I test a project.

Help a noob, please? :stuck_out_tongue:

Check if there’s anything helpful in the Haxe output channel:

In that console I get:
Haxe language server started
Restarting Haxe completion server: display arguments changed
Initializing completion cache…

Then this when I hover over a variable:
Error: Invalid directory: {Project folder}
[Warn - 14:59:31] Request textDocument/completion failed.
Message: Invalid xml data:
Code: -32603

And also:
Error: Invalid directory: {Project folder}
Error parsing diagnostics response: SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

I don’t know what it means.

I assume you replaced the acutal directory in the output with {Project folder}? Anything special about that path?

It’s on the drive d:, and it’s a onedrive folder.

Darn, seems to be because of onedrive somehow, putting it at the root of D: seems to make it work now. :confused:

OK. Tested a bit more.

It’s to note that for every project until now I’ve gone from a generation of DisplayingABitmap.

When put into the onedrive folder, autocomplete doesn’t work., even if syncing is paused… and even if OneDrive is shut down.

Things to know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Might not be related to your OneDrive directory, but the User directory it’s in… are there any special characters in your username? There’s a known issue related to that (Completion not working with UTF-8 project paths · Issue #117 · vshaxe/vshaxe · GitHub).

Make sure you have your build path set correctly. So for example if you’re linking your haxe project to a .hxml file, you’ll only get autocompletion for the flash .hxml file. I run into this problem sometimes because I’ll be testing on multiple platforms, write some code with the wrong .hxml directory, and then I wonder why the code stops autocompleting - it’s always because I have that set wrong.