NeoVim config written entirely in Haxe (using haxe-nvim)

This is a milestone for one of my Haxe projects, Haxe-Neovim.
I just published kickstart.hx which is an example (but fully functional) NeoVim configuration written almost in Haxe. It used to have a little core written in Lua (about 66 SLOC), but with my latest update is Haxe all the way down, in the most type-safe way I was able to achieve.
You can find it here: GitHub - danielo515/kickstart.hx: Neovim configuration built (almost) entirely in Haxe using haxe-nvim

In my latest update I added a bunch of quality of life improvements:

  • which-key
  • FzfLua, with a little list of companion keybindings,
  • Copilot
  • nvim-cmp paired with snippets

all, of course, in pure Haxe.
Which Key prompt

FzF find buffers and help

Copilot, snippets and suggestions