Need Help when exporting with HTML5

when i use lime test html5

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘set_x’)
at TitleState.update (Kade Engine.js:28388)
at TitleState.tryUpdate (Kade Engine.js:9047)
at flixel_FlxGame.update (Kade Engine.js:35080)
at flixel_FlxGame.step (Kade Engine.js:35055)
at flixel_FlxGame.onEnterFrame (Kade Engine.js:34989)
at openfl_display_Stage.__dispatchEvent (Kade Engine.js:4938)
at openfl_display_Stage.dispatch (Kade Engine.js:5751)
at openfl_display_Stage.broadcastEvent (Kade Engine.js:127046)
at openfl_display_Stage.onLimeRender (Kade Engine.js:128073)
at lime_app
$Void.dispatch (Kade Engine.js:104381)