My Role at Haxe

A few months ago when I started my role at Haxe I was extremely excited about the opportunity to challenge myself in a new position and help grow the tools and the community. Since that time I’ve met some fantastic people, some of the best developers I’ve ever encountered along with several extremely passionate community members. I have been met with tremendous enthusiasm from great individuals and am extremely thankful for the warm reception I’ve received. Unfortunately, since then it has become apparent that this is not the right role for me and I’ve decided to return to a developer position full-time, therefore I will no longer be an employee of the Haxe Foundation. This decision was not easy to make and it does not reflect my opinion of Haxe, it mostly has to do with the type of work I like to engage in and the opportunities I’m able to pursue focusing on development. Creating the type of content needed to promote the Haxe platform is a crucial job and someone with extreme commitment to that task is needed.

I will still be involved with Haxe, in the near term I will publish an article on the user survey and going forward I plan to continue contributing to the community where I have an opportunity. I will continue to use Haxe both professionally and personally and will promote it as a viable solution where appropriate.

I’d like to stress that this is a personal decision and does not reflect on anyone or anything specific to the Haxe community or foundation. The welcome and support I’ve received from everyone has been tremendous and it is with sadness that I’ve come to this decision. I still have the utmost confidence in the Haxe tools and believe that there is still a massive opportunity to grow and I look forward to participating in this expansion in the months and years to come.


Thank you for your job, Phil. Good luck in the new place:)

Hey Phil, sad news. I wish you the best. Let’s keep in touch!

I was impressed with what you did up till this point. All the best, Phil!

Sad to see you go. I could feel you were really trying hard to overcome most of the issues reported, specially the communication issue between HF<->community and about the docs and quick-starts. What’s Haxe Foundation’s position about this? Is it looking for someone to replace you for the role?


@ncannasse Any news regarding this?


I think too many peoples are on holiday, we should wait few days before an official announcement.

Do you have a more specific ETA for that? I’d love to see the results.

I was hoping to get it done this month but work is quite busy and I’m travelling at the end of the month. I’ll try to get it done for early September. If I don’t please feel free to harass me about it.

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@pchertok Ping… Just to remind you we’re still looking forward to seeing the results of the survey :wink:


@pchertok Ping…

It’s definitely still on my todo list - I’ll let you know when ready.

This guys definitly know how to do a survey
It would be great to make it so beautiful