More Rosetta Code; Neko and DNS

I just put in a small sample of Neko for

Mentioned that NekoVM does not yet support ipv6. Is that true?

If not, maybe someone can update the entry.

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the neko seems to have been deprecated. why not try hashlink?


Because of bad timing I guess. Bumped into Haxe/Neko, spent a few evenings and embedded NekoVM in GnuCOBOL. Works great. COBOL running NekoVM bytecode with data back and forth.

(if you want to see code, there is a link to the GnuCOBOL FAQ in the discussion thread, but be prepared, its a 1600 page book now and needs a little time to download to the browser).

Then I was on hiatus from free software volunteering for nearly a year, and things changed. :wink:

Saw more about the Hashlink VM after embedded NekoVM was built. Built and downloaded all kinds of recent HL and Haxe versions, get nothing but bytecode version mismatch when trying to run compiled HL. So, waiting until things settle. I don’t know which version of Haxe goes with which version of HL output, but I gave up after about 4 hours of experimenting on both Ubuntu and Fedora nodes. (I’m keen on HL, as GnuCOBOL emits C intermediates during compile so there is much promise).

For now, continuing on with NekoVM. I might just give up on the whole Haxe things for a while, and wait another year or two for packages that match current discussions.

I have about 5 other language systems building into FLI COBOL (Foreign Language Intrinsic) at the moment, so there is no shortage of nifty things to work on. Once we get past the 3.0 release of GnuCOBOL I’ll be moving code out of the builtin-script branch into trunk. I was hoping to include FUNCTION NEKO(), but the level of documentation for a sound embedding is, umm, “read the code”. But, I don’t know enough about meta language programming to read said code at anything beyond a snails pace at this point.

Sometimes, finding out about cool things to later find out that that cool thing is still in flux, is just part of growing up, and becomes an exercise in patience.

Maybe I should wait another year or two before spamming the Haxe forum for requests for help getting started on what seems to be dead end tech? Nah, I’ll just keep pestering and maybe someone will step up to help people with getting started, even if the bits of interest are stale and two years old, which is ancient I guess. :slight_smile:

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Hello btiffin,

The latest versions of Hashlink usually follow the newest Haxe 4 preview. If you built Hashlink from github and tried to use the generated bytecode from Haxe stable I believe you would have seen the bytecode mismatch error.

The current version of Hashlink is compatible with Haxe 4.0.0-preview 4. This version of Haxe can be downloaded at Haxe 4.0.0-preview.4 - Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit

The latest compatibility of Hashlink is stated on the releases page.

Also just a side note that the Make install location is usr/local, but you can change this prefix in the make file here: hashlink/Makefile at 91fa208316c9b14a2672207a5818c9b72e3d2b86 · HaxeFoundation/hashlink · GitHub

Wherever you put the files make sure you add the created lib folder to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

If you run into anything else setting up Hashlink I’ll try my best to help.

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Thanks, @davidbruce.

I’ll give it another trial this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing if the HL VM is a nice fit for inclusion in GnuCOBOL.

But, I’m still going to pester the board for help getting started with Neko. I’ll be polishing and contributing code for using NekoVM in COBOL with a few user defined functions shortly, and it’ll be nicer if I don’t completely screw up the basic explanations when writing up the user guide. :slight_smile:

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