Mobile games made with haxe

Hello. I want to try mobile games made with haxe, both ios and Android. Wondering if you can share some with me?

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You can look at PiratePig.

Thanks for the pointer, but I was not asking for examples, but for real games made with Haxe that I can install directly on my phone and play.

Hi, you can find a selection of games made with Haxe and links to specific game engine/frameworks’ showcases on this page, most seem to be available on iOS/Android Stores.

I already saw that, but thanks.
Also followed all the links mentioned on that page, and the one containing more games, the flixel one, mostly points to dead-links and porn site of abandoned domains…

OpenFL maintains a far longer list, split up into Android and iOS. (Though obviously there’s a lot of overlap between those two lists.)

Papers, Please was recently ported to mobile.

The developer, Lucas Pope, wrote a blog post about the port here: Cramming 'Papers, Please' Onto Phones | Development Logs by Lucas Pope


That’s wonderful, thanks.

LOL: :joy: Step 1: To Unity

Read further, it`s still Haxe )

Evoland 2 and Northgard are probably written in haxe using heaps engine long time ago and as far as I know Shirogames is not porting the other games for android and IOS since then, I tried to compile heaps on android but it’s a bit hard to do.

Yes, I did