Maybe Dart could be the next Haxe target?

This is just speculation, but Google is developing a new mobile sdk called Flutter, that runs nativelly on android and ios, and is also developing a new os, called Fuschia, that is being made with Flutter. And Flutter is made with Dart. So, if in the future Flutter and Fuschia become famous, this could be a opportunity for a new Haxe target.

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I like the idea though each new platform is a lot of effort to complete and maintain - I haven’t looked at Dart in years but I believe it should still be easy enough to target (unlike Swift for instance).

I’m also interested in this. Somebody actually made a proof of concept located here: Google Groups Could be used as a base. Flutter’s UI options look incredible for general app development in haxe! Could be a little bit more convenient vs haxe react native as well!

Feasible doesn’t mean wise to pursue. Dart / Flutter is going to be an awkward target to follow: Dart is also struggling for relevance so I don’t expect much sympathy from this community (Haxe has never been accepted in Google Summer of Code; coincidence?), plus they move fast and break APIs and language often so it would be a serious effort to keep up.

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I agree for the most part, just something to keep an eye out for. Haxe react/react-native has got a lot of following and when we get vscode jsx completion it will be an even better option for native apps

I am actually curious to see what will Flutter become. It seems that Dart is struggling to get traction and I am wondering if at some point Google will decide to support another language like Kotlin for Flutter, but these are just assumptions anyway.

Regarding new Haxe targets, I believe supporting WebAssembly is much more critical than a Dart target which seems more like a niche to me and not worth the effort, but yes, it would be nice to have a straightforward way to make cross platform mobile apps with Haxe.

Seems that having a better React/React-Native support with Haxe is our best bet for now indeed!


I think in the end we can’t make Haxe to target everything, sometimes its good to learn anothers languages too.
About react-native, everyone is using, but still its not “fully” native, its uses a javascript parser inside, and in Flutter everything is really compiled natively, that’s why I liked it.

It’s aiming to be the new react native?

Having looked at Dart once I just wish they could have put the effort into Haxe instead :frowning:

Haxe have a lot of targets already and a lot of issues with them. It’s better to focus on targets that already exist.

Also, Dart and Flutter will not make Haxe more popular.
We have JS target and Recat-Native bindings. How many people came from JS to Haxe because of this?
People still uses JS.

Haxe already have Java target and currently It is pretty easy to use it for Android development. But unfortunately Java target is mainteining slowly.

Also, Haxe has C++ target and can bind Objective-C code…And it’s possible to use it for iOS development.

So, Haxe already can make native code. We don’t need Dart and bindings for Flutter. We need our own Flutter. And then people will came to Haxe.


We don’t need Dart and bindings for Flutter. We need our own Flutter. And then people will came to Haxe.

Yeah indeed, I like this conclusion.


This is not realistic in a lot of cases. I use Haxe for Node.js development, and I probably wouldn’t have made that choice without all the third-party library support available. If there was another language to support I would go with golang. Highly performant backend, with super fact compilation and creation of single binaries of tools allows really easy distribution.

It’s more than just the language needed for growth, it’s the context, and tooling, and libraries. Because of this, Haxe is better suited to grow based on existing systems, rather than expecting natural growth due to technical superiority, since we don’t have enough evangelists etc, or a killer toolset, or a killer application to gain market share in a given domain. Yet. I’m hoping though. :slight_smile:


Yes I would like that a lot. I am considering putting the codebase of my app in a platform agnostic language like Haxe to get ability to quickly adapt and use any new modern ui framework that comes out. But also support new platforms and operating systems. Here is a flutter vs react native comparison: Stack Overflow Trends over asked questions

What I am after in Haxe is the best portability, not another specific and limited boxed-in ui framework.

Lack of dart means I can not pick flutter as the ui framework or support potential google fuchsia