Macro contexts defines

Hej !

I want to call a function in macro initialization context (called from the .hxml file).
This function is in a file that has some macro function and some not, separated by #if macro directives.

public static function addDirectives(){
	if( haxe.macro.Compiler.getDefine( "a_define" ) != null ){
		haxe.macro.Compiler.define( "my_define" );

If I put this function in macro section, compiler throws me macro-in-macro but if I put it in !macro compilers can’t find this function…

I think I could work if it was in another file but I don’t want to add a file just for one little macro initialization function.

is there any compiler directives that maybe kind of “separate” the macro contexts ?
Something like #if macro_init ?

What are my possibilities please ?

Thanks for your answers !

If I define something using haxe.macro.Compiler.define( "my_define" ) , it won’t be useable with #my_define right ?
It will only be available by haxe.macro.Context.defined() or haxe.macro.Compiler.getDefine() right ?