Machine Learning

Has anyone tried the moon ai port for haxe? Is it a decent library and efficient on par with python?

Haxe has first class support for AI: if - Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit

Jokes aside, my advice would be to target python or javascript and use externs for any of the widely used and available tooling - where usually the interpreter is used to shovel around data and the actual work is performed on the GPU.

I’m sure is a decent piece of work, but like the library it was ported from, it all runs in software. Plus the author’s github commit history would seem to indicate that he’s unfortunately stopped maintaining open source projects years ago.

So yeah, best to use some established python/js lib. Once you have it tuned to produce meaningful results in your problem domain, and you can effectively measure the python/js runtime overhead for your use case and determine that it’s significant, you can still switch to hxcpp and invoke the computational code directly.