Looking for Remote Haxe Developer with Experience Converting Flash Games to Web and Mobile

We’re looking for a remote developer to convert our popular Poptropica game (www.poptropica.com) from Flash (AS3) to Haxe with OpenFl and HaxeFlixel. This is 6-7 month project. The Poptropica game is also published as a mobile app for iOS and Android. The codebase is large (550,000 lines of code) and relies on Adobe AIR libraries as well as other third-party AS3 libraries and Adobe AIR extensions. We’re looking for someone to convert the AS3 actionScript code into Haxe while retaining our file structure, formatting, and comments. This will involve search-and-replace, code clean-up, and re-coding as needed. You will be performing the bulk of the work. Others will be brought in to assist, if needed, with you directing, in order to meet deadlines.

Required Experience

  • Experience converting a Flash game to Haxe
  • Experience with ActionScript 3.0
  • Experience with Haxe and OpenFL in targeting HTML5, iOS and Android targets
  • Experience with HaxeFlixel is a plus
  • Experience dealing with Adobe AIR libraries when compiling in Haxe
  • Experience replacing Adobe AIR extensions with Haxe-native extensions
  • Experience managing others


This project will have five phases. The first phase will be to review our game and code to familiarize yourself with the project. The project manager will give you an overview and be available to answer any questions regarding the game or code. Second, you will present a report outlining your recommendations, identifying issues and challenges, and providing time estimates for conversion. Note: our game swfs do not contain any code. Based on your report and demonstrated expertise, we will decide if we want to retain you for the third phase where you will perform conversion of a standalone subset of the game that includes the core shared code. After successful conversion of the smaller game to HTML5, you will oversee the conversion of the remaining 30 islands (fourth phase). We will farm out the island conversion to a third-party company with you managing the conversion. After the entire game has been converted to HTML5 and passed QA, the fifth phase will be to update the game to successfully compile to mobile targets.

You will be asked to provide examples of prior game conversions along with client contacts for those past projects.

This will be a full-time hourly remote project.

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Is there an email people can use to reach out to you?

@RickHocker, Be sure to check your personal messages! :grinning:(Click on your icon in the upper right corner.)

@Geokureli, You can send direct messages by clicking on Rick’s icon in the message above and pressing the “Message” button.

Thanks for the info, but I until a few minutes ago I didn’t even have PM ability. I recommend leaving an email, especially if this isn’t site you plan to check frequently.

Mea culpa. I didn’t realize that PM was locked down. I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

I would be interested

I am interested. Kindly review my resume here: Damilare Akinlaja - Resume (2019) - Google Docs

Hi Rick! What was your impression so far of converting your game with Haxe/OpenFL?