Lix custom git dependency installation

How to install a custom git library via lix? It’s mentioned only github and gitlab options in docs.

I added it a while back and in theory lix install git:<rest of the url> should work, although I didn’t use it a lot. Please report any problems you have with it on the project’s issue tracker.

Thank you for reply. Is it possible to config lix to work with a custom haxelib server? Last time I have problem with official one ‘Error: std@socket_write’ while trying installing dependencies.

As a matter of fact it did become possible only last week and it is still a bit awkward: run lix with --haxelib-url https://your.own.domain/foo/bar

Thanks again. I have another problem with lix. Auto import and goto declaration functions on dependecy classes stop work in haxe develop.

There’s an open pull request to support lix in FD. You can find a build here: Add support for lix/haxeshim · Issue #2103 · fdorg/flashdevelop · GitHub

Edit: it seems the PR was actually merged. Perhaps updating FD would already fix the issue.