Lix custom git dependency installation

(Alexander Djafarov) #1

How to install a custom git library via lix? It’s mentioned only github and gitlab options in docs.

(Juraj Kirchheim) #2

I added it a while back and in theory lix install git:<rest of the url> should work, although I didn’t use it a lot. Please report any problems you have with it on the project’s issue tracker.

(Alexander Djafarov) #3

Thank you for reply. Is it possible to config lix to work with a custom haxelib server? Last time I have problem with official one ‘Error: std@socket_write’ while trying installing dependencies.

(Juraj Kirchheim) #4

As a matter of fact it did become possible only last week and it is still a bit awkward: run lix with --haxelib-url https://your.own.domain/foo/bar

(Alexander Djafarov) #5

Thanks again. I have another problem with lix. Auto import and goto declaration functions on dependecy classes stop work in haxe develop.

(Juraj Kirchheim) #6

There’s an open pull request to support lix in FD. You can find a build here:

Edit: it seems the PR was actually merged. Perhaps updating FD would already fix the issue.