Lime setup giving an error

Hi, I am trying to make a mod for fnf. I tried to use lime test windows but it gave me this error:

Could not automatically setup MSVC

I tried to use the lime setup windows command too and it gave this error:

In order to build native executables for Windows, you must have a
Visual Studio C++ compiler with "Windows Desktop" (Win32) support
installed. We recommend using Visual Studio Community, which is
available as a free download from Microsoft.

No additional configuration is required.

Any help here? I have windows 10 and I downloaded all the libraries and files neccasary to compile. Visual Studio 2019 didn’t make a difference.

Since that’s an error from the lime framework you better ask this question on their forums: Lime - OpenFL Community

Oh, sorry. The first error is actually from hxcpp.
Try building a “hello, world” sample with pure hxcpp without lime or other frameworks.
If it fails then it’s probably an issue with hxcpp setup.

I never used Haxe or lime before to make things. But I will try to make the “hello, world” sample. And I will tell you. Sorry for posting after a long time.