Lime 5.9.1 and OpenFL 6.5.1 Released

5.9.1 (11/30/2017)

  • Updated howler.js with minor fixes for IE11 and Firefox browsers

5.9.0 (11/29/2017)

  • Added support for {{variable}} substitution in template file/folder names
  • Added support for packed asset libraries, with optional compression
  • Added initial support for Adobe native extensions (ANE) for AIR
  • Added -Dlime-default-timeout to override the default HTTPRequest timeout
  • Added a prompt for keystore password on Android if no password is provided
  • Added a hint to request a discrete GPU on dual-GPU Windows systems
  • Added a general “ios/template” template path for copying additional files
  • Added ability to export iOS -archive on build
  • Added ability to lime deploy ios and output IPA for store or ad-hoc
  • Improved -verbose to be ignored by default on lime display for IDEs
  • Improved iOS launch image list to support iPhone X fullscreen resolution
  • Improved CSS font generation to skip formats that are not able to convert
  • Improved the behavior of <window resizable="false" /> on HTML5
  • Fixed handling of HTTP status 0 as an error when not running on Tizen HTML5
  • Fixed an issue with ContextMenuItem/NativeContextMenuItem for Flash/AIR
  • Fixed the AIR target install folder if <meta company="" /> is empty
  • Fixed reference to the EMSCRIPTEN_SDK when targeting Emscripten/WebAssembly
  • Fixed an issue with double playing of sound on Firefox using howler.js
  • Fixed a possible error in some web browsers when reloading the current page
  • Fixed handling of the newer iOS simulator and file extensions for AIR builds
  • Fixed return to Android fullscreen when dismissing an on-screen keyboard
  • Fixed a minor naming issue when using newer HXCPP and MSVC for static builds
  • Fixed setting of “ios” and “android” project values when using AIR iOS/Android
  • Fixed handling of Haxe version output with newer Haxe development build

6.5.1 (11/29/2017)

  • Updated Lime to 5.9.*
  • Added support for improved CSS font embedding in Lime 5.9.0
  • Fixed support for rendering multiple masking levels in OpenGL masks
  • Fixed some issues with rendering masks with cacheAsBitmap
  • Fixed a possible crash in TextField and in Loader
  • Fixed the height offset when using context3D.drawToBitmapData
  • Fixed OpenGL rendering for masks with a different parent than the masked object
  • Fixed ColorMatrixFilter so that values are constrained between 0 and 255
  • Fixed a crash error on textField.getCharBoundaries when the char is not available

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