Learning haxe for experienced coders

I have over 20 years experience in coding, starting as a web developer and then branching out to many system programming roles but never any type of game or animation projects. At one point I was certified for Flash 5, but this was mainly because it offered XMLSocket before Websocket of WebRTC hit the browser scene. Now I’m in a position where I would like to lean more about game development but don’t really know where to start. My goal is to work more on server side development, but obviously I need a concrete foundation in game development in order to truly become proficient, let alone push on any barriers on the back end.

What concepts are most important to Haxe developers? Such as, what tools do you use most often when creating graphic resources? Where would one start to learn about those tools, and concepts used to turn these resources into objects within Haxe? If you were to rewind your own path in game development, what would you have not learned, and in what concepts would you have invested that time saved?

I am new, and my 2 cents are literally 2 cents only, but 2 cents are legal money.

I’ve read the online docs, and couldn’t get in, basically because I was trying to make things work like in other languages, and haxe has a different approach.

Then I’ve purchased this book (a used from eBay) Professional-haXe- and Neko, and that guided me inside the language, to be productive in web.

Graphics I didn’t mastered yet.

Two things I’ve learned myself is that
Many libs are not cross platform, so decide your must-go platforms, and focus only on this (you could make abstraction functions, so you could easily later make some compile time ifs)
haxelib is a good but not a complete collection, github is more updated, and has more libs, but haxelib could easily work with git, using haxelib git https://...git

I had experience in c#/java for the OO parts, rust for the functional part, and JavaScript for stdlib.

Such as, what tools do you use most often when creating graphic resources?

2 cents from indie dev (so may be not so useful): Blender, Affinity Photo.
Gimp for automatic conversion of PSD to texture atlases.
Python for glueing everything into one-button solutions for tasks

Haxe is not something specific, it is very like as AS3 - you have static stuff, but you can go with any dynamic-js-like madness for fast tricks, if needed

I got a copy of packman when I was a kid, this was maybe 1989. It was an actual book. That was my start. But at that point I didn’t understand what was going on, I think I was 8. My dad did most of the heavy work but I enjoyed changing the colors. That was my one and only experience in game development lol

I’m working on embedding haxe into PHP. This is where my indie side comes in. Since PHP 4 I’ve always known PHP didn’t belong just to the HTTP context. I’ve actually been fired because of this.

Understand, I don’t mean transpiling into PHP code. I think haxelib’s internals make PHP integrations possible on a deeper level.

And I believe I can be a valuable resource once I wrap my head around the “game development” side.