Kids Industries end of 2017


TL;DR - Sorry for the huge dump! Got a lot to catchup on!

Websites and some with WebApps:

  • | OpenFL -> HTML5 | HTML5 -> PhoneGap
    • 15+ locales. Check the transition effects in the “Meet” section.
  • | OpenFL -> HTML5 | HTML5 -> PhoneGap
  • | OpenFL -> HTML5 | OpenFL -> AIR
  • | OpenFL -> HTML5
    • One of my favourites! Click the frogs!
  • | OpenFL -> HTML5
    • 15+ locales. Live for more than 5 years!

PS: All the sites are fully CMS driven, so you might not get all the games/features on your locale.



Visit and use the filters to find all the Haxe related projects (not all are listed).

I think that’s it :slight_smile:



We also open sourced one our internal libs: (also on haxelib).

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Awesome stuff - I hope I’ll get the coffee I ordered :wink:

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Really great stuff you’re doing there, keep it up!

PS why the [dot] in links? that’s annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks! Only to 2 links per post allowed!

For anyone following the thread, I’ve updated the post after I was awarded the “Basic Badge” which allowed me to post multiple links. So the ugly “somewhere [dot] com” links are gone. :blush:

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