Kickstarter: Feathers UI for Haxe and OpenFL

Hey, everyone! A couple of months ago, I mentioned that I was working on a new Haxe and OpenFL version of my open source project, Feathers UI. I originally released these UI components for Flash/AIR about 7-8 years ago. Over that time, they’ve powered a ton of amazing creative projects, and the library has grown far beyond my initial expectations. Now, with the changing technology landscape, it’s time to give Feathers UI a new foundation. I think that Haxe and OpenFL are a perfect fit.

Today, I’m launching this new version of Feathers UI on Kickstarter so that the community can support its development.

Please help make Feathers UI for Haxe and OpenFL a reality by becoming a Kickstarter backer, Thank you!


Some exciting news about the Feathers UI for Haxe and OpenFL Kickstarter today:

KS Update #5: If we can get to $10K, the Moonshine IDE team guarantees $15K to reach the Kickstarter goal!

If we account for the new Moonshine pledge, we’re now at 80% of the goal. There’s about 10 days left to go, so let’s make it happen. Click here to become a backer on KS.


Feathers UI for Haxe and OpenFL is fully funded on Kickstarter!