Issues installing 4.3.1

Hello all,
I’m trying to install Haxe 4.3.1. I had an old installation and just uninstalled and deleted it, before downloading and installing 4.3.1.
However, going through all this, I end up with version 4.1.5?
Tested compiling the game anyway, and it told me my version is too old, confirming the 4.1.5 (I need 4.2.5 or newer, hence why I’ve gone for the latest 4.3.1).
This is not the Haxelib version it’s telling me, as that is at 4.1.0.
Any ideas why?
Thank you.

In your command prompt, run the following command:

where.exe haxe

This should tell you where haxe.exe is located. The default location should be:


If it’s somewhere else, maybe that other location is taking precedence over the default, for some reason.

Running that command confirms it’s in the default location.